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Balancing act with twins goes far beyond balacing those infant car seats 

It's tough carrying two infant car seats. One is usually heavier than the other or swings awkwardly around and hits your leg.

It's also tough to balance the feeding/eating/napping schedule of newborn twins...actually that also applies to toddler twins too come to think of it.

As they get older, it can be tough to balance the needs of twins in school, in sports, or even what they need emotionally from you at any given time. 

Most recently we're trying to balance celebrating the success of one twin without discouraging the other.

I know all parents have to deal with this at some point where the older child might always be a better student, etc. But can you imagine being compared to your sibling every day on the exact same projects at the same time?

Luckily they both have strenths in something. It's just that this time El's artistic ability has take her farther... and farther.

Her artwork was chosen to be at a show in a local mall. It was displayed along with other art from kids in her school and in a collection of fantastic art from schools all over the county.

We went and took a picture of her and her "kitty in the city".

Kitty in the City

That yellow dot? Yea that means something.

We had no idea at the time but El's piece was one of only 20 to be chosen to tour the county for the next year! It's quite an honor and while we don't get to see kitty again until Spring of 2011, she was happy to let it be a part of the tour.

Em was gracious. She stood by her sister and smiled and took a photo with her. But I know it was hard.

When the note came home from the art teacher she praised both girls (thankfully that has happened before) and I read that part aloud. I was going to stop there and read the rest of the details to El later, and thus spare Em from having to hear just how fabulous her sister's artwork is. But she wanted to hear it.

She insisted.

She is learning to share that pride.

I'm so proud of them both.


Reader Comments (2)

Having grown up with an older brother who was favored by Mom, I can sort of relate about being compared, but it must be so much harder being a twin. Sounds like Em is really learning to appreciate her sister's strengths and support her - how wonderful. I love El's artwork too - that is wonderful! Congratulations to both of them!

When one of my twin girls won the Athlete of the Year in grade 6 it was devastating to her twin. I don't blame her a bit as they are equally as sporty. Just one more outgoing than the other. My heart nearly broke when I went to look at the trophy proudly displayed in their bedroom and trophy winner had added a post it note to the thing with her sisters name on it. I was SO proud of them both :)

Just today one was going to a mutual friends home after school to work on a project. She told me I was not to encourage sis to go along, that I was to pretend they were not twins and that they each had their own life. I thought 'good for her!' and too true. My girls are 12 and finding out that they enjoy being in completely different classes at school (we always had them together in Elementary as per their wishes) and different (and some of the same) friends.

Twin daughters are so awesome. I love watching them grown up together and be each others best friends (and worst enemies sometimes!) and grow as individuals. Such a gift for which I am so grateful :)

May 19, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteramy

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