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Fashionista Friday - twin girls can make glamour ugly

In this weekly series I explore all things fashion...especially as they relate to 6 year old girls. I also explore things for me like this fab calendar and this fashion "Bible" of sorts, but for this post I'm back on the kids.

Because this morning they made fashion ugly. And not in their choice of clothing.

Image of CSF Wrestlers by Podknox on Flickr

It was their attitude.

With each other.

You see we are a humble family and we save money wherever we can. That includes accepting any and all hand-me-downs. The problem comes when we get a new shipment of hand-me-downs and the girls start tearing through them and declare "MINE!" all over the stuff.

Today I heard a LOT of this..

"Moooooooomy! El's wearing MY SWEATER! Why can't she wear HER OWN sweater??"

and then a few,

"That's MINE! You have THAT one!"

For some reason they don't understand that NONE of it is theirs. It all belongs to whomever gave it to us or the the person we are passing it onto.

What's more, many items fit Em first because she is a size taller and then they get passed onto El. Oh don't worry, they each get new stuff (Thank GOD for Grandmas) but the sad truth is that El usually gets stuff after Em. So what sucks for her is good for me because who knew I'd be able to hand-me-down with twins??

But it definitely makes for an ugly scene. One that rivals any America's Next Top Model show.

Minus the swearing.

But there is a lot of eye-rolling, grabbing, snickering, hair tossing, tears, and all-around drama.

All before 8:30 am too.

U - G - L - Y

You ain't got no alibi

You ugly!

You ugly!

Points to whomever can name that movie first.


Reader Comments (4)

jeez, i get this and mine aren't even twins!!! teenagedom is going to be AWESOME ;-)

March 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermelissa from girlymama

Tell them Aunt Sue said to cool it or they don't get NUFFIN'!!!

March 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSuanne

I have this problem with my three girls! They are three different ages, and the two younger ones get the hand me downs. Two of them can also fit the same size, so the fighting flares up!

Now, we have my 6 year old actually designing clothes for her dolls. Of COurse they fight over who gets to use the prettier fabric! I'm just going to tell them they have to wer MY clothes if they don't stop!

March 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterReal Life Sarah

I have 3yr old twin girls who are completely different sizes an look nothing alike aside from their huge blue eyes! I had dressed them alike since birth untill just recently. The older by a minute, very tiny, spit-fire Morgan has decided that dresses are what is in fashion. She will root through the hampers to find her favorites! Toys are our biggest issue right now.... Any advice?

March 11, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterpixitwinsmom

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