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Fashionista Friday - Spring jackets and what's with those headbands?

I have a nice collection of jackets that are perfect in the Fall for when a sweater is too heavy, and in the Spring when the wind can add a chill to a sunny day.

Em threw on a cute white jacket this morning and it got me thinking of how great a light weight jacket is. It can be work under a heavier coat or rain coat, but it adds depth and layering to any outfit. Here Em wears it with pink yoga pants and one of those headbands (more on that below).

White spring jacket with ruffle detail

And here are a few others I've found that I think would be great additions to any young girls outfit. Toss them over a t-shirt or tank top in the summer air conditioning. Throw it into their back pack on a windy day for added warmth. Or dress-down a sundress.

Girls Denim by The Children's Place

Gap Safari jacket for Girls

But someone tell me...what is with those headbands?

You know...the ones with the long ribbons at the end.

Are you supposed to tie it up in the back? Under your chin?

Are the ribbons supposed to make girls with short hair feel like they have long hair?

Why not just use a genuine SCARF which is what started the look in the first place?

Reader Comments (2)

Love the Safari jacket- I wish that it came in my size! As for the scarf headband, yes, that is how they are worn, and I have also seen both ends come to one side of the head. You would need to use a ponytail holder to get them to stay to one side I bet.

March 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMelissa

Wild headbands are making a big comeback in kids fashion this spring. Check out a huge collection of baby and toddler headbands here:

March 18, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersaigenicoleinfo

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