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Dear Mix107.3 Are you Playing Me?

Well look at that! I was sitting here thinking,

"It's Wednesday! I need to blog about something!"

You see a while back I decided to give up on posting every day. I just can't. But I figure I can handle 3x a week (Mon, Wed, Fri is my goal) and if I have a few giveaways and reviews peppered in than great!

As I sat down to go through my long list of to-do review emails I got a call.

From Mix 107.3.

Or, really it was some young girl probably working at a call center that is outsourced.

Anyway she told me I can be entered to win $1000 if I'm the 17th caller after the song-of-the-day is played. Then she said all I have to do is give my first name.

And I'm like, "And then what?"

"I give you my name and then what?"

And she was stumped by my question.

Her, "I don't know and then what." 

Me, "Can't anyone call in and win?"

Her, "Only people who are registerd can win. Is your name Janine .....?"

Me, "Yes." (I think I registered on their site once to get a coupon.)

Her, "Ok so give me your first name and then call in when you hear the song and you'll be eligible to win."

Me, not wanting to sound rude since she just said my first name, told her my first name.

And now the radio is on Mix 107.3

And I'm listening for the song-of-the-day to be played so I can be the 17th caller.

And I really think I'm getting that $1000.

What do you think?

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