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Some Pros and Cons and...I haven't told you about the Frigidaire affinity dryer!

I've done most of my coverage on the big it is, how it holds it's own (and more) against the ladybug, and even how 'smart' it is.

What I haven't shared to date are some Pros and Cons as I usually do in my review blog (Twofer Thumbs Up) and since I swore on TV that I would be nothing if not honest, I'm going to do that now. Let's start with the bad news first, shall we?

Cons for the Frigidaire affinity washer:

  • There is a rubber rim just inside the door of the washer that has a groove in it. This groove has been known to collect water, lint/hair, and little socks. I use a rag to absorb wipe out the groove after each use which adds an extra step (although it's mere seconds to do it).
  • There is no plain 'rinse'. If I use too much detergent which I am still prone to doing, I have to run the load through a short wash without detergent to get it rinsed out. With my old washer I could just set it to rinse and spin.

Pros for the Frigidaire affinity washer

  • The washer has an NSF Certification setting that washes clothes up to 153 degrees to ensure laundry is 99.9% bacteria free.
  • Advanced Rinse Technology uses FRESH water in the final rinse for whiter whites and reduced allergens
  • It spins like a just engine - I swear sometimes I think it's going to take off but it doesn't move and inch and the clothes come out almost completely dry!

Now, onto the Frigidaire affinity dryer

Because the clothes, towels, sheets, etc. are coming out of the washer already dryer, they don't need to dry for very long and so I use less energy with my affinity.

The dryer also has a 'Sanitize' temperature setting with NSF Certification that ensures the laundry is 99.9% bacteria free.

Plus, you can dry your most delicate delicates.

Between the drying rack that comes with the dryer (for items that need to be dried flat), the "Ultra Delicates" and "Shrink Guard Ultra" settings I've had great success with clothes that needed special care. Plus, they dry a lot faster in there on rack than sitting out in my laundry room.


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