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PBS Sprout...I'm so sad to say goodbye

The Twofer have already caught the Disney Channel bug.

I don't have anything against the Disney Channel. But I have a soft spot in my heart for PBS Sprout.

I knew no matter what time of day, Sprout would have something the girls would enjoy watching...while they learned.

Shows like Angelina Ballerina, Noddy, and Kipper got us through those long, cold nights when one or both of the twins were fighting a bad cold, croup, or a nasty virus. The Goodnight Show calmed them (and me) before bed.

And the best part? The commercials. Or the absence of commercials is what I loved.

Sure, PBS has funding partners they need to thank but that's nothing compared to the commercials they see (and I hear about) on other channels.


The other night I let them watch TV in my bed like the 'old days' but this time I insisted we watch PBS Sprout. And you know what? They watched!

And then they whined.

The whined because they didn't get to watch any 'real' TV before bed. {sigh}

And so it's time to say one last goodnight to PBS Sprout, and to our friends Nina, Sta, Hush and Lucy.

Goodnight friends, Goodbye PBS Sprout.

Missing my toddlers,



Reader Comments (1)

I had to "sigh" as well... Tommy is just about grown out of PBS Kids - which I also dearly love! Kipper and Dragon Tales are still favorites... So I still get my fix... but I so know how you feel. Amazing how quickly time flies....

August 30, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAmy Garces

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