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Butterflies creep me out (no offense Brookside Gardens)

OK, let me clarify. They don't creep me out when I see them flying around outside in a garden. There, they are beautiful. Infact, I often see one in my backyard when the Twofer are playing and some days I swear it's my Dad trying to get in on some of the fun.

But this past weekend we went to the "Wings of Fancy" Live Butterfly exhibit at Brookside Gardens and there the butterflies became, well, creepy.

They fly right at you...dozens of them.

They land on you.

You have to be careful not to step on them!

Some are really hairy (um, cause they are moths! Giant moths from China with a 5-inch wing span!).

And, here's the kicker, they eat rotting fruit.

I think it's just the sheer number of them floating around, chasing each other, and buzzing by that started to get to me. And this isn't the first time. I took the girls and my mom a few years ago and I had the same reaction. Don't get me wrong, the butterflies with their blues, oranges, stripes of red, and traditional monarch colors are beautiful. Really. And the volunteers do a great job of showing you the caterpillars, giving the kids a magnifying glass to get a closer look, etc. But it took a lot (and a quick phone call to my mom) to forget about the creepy part and just enjoy them for what they were - amazing creatures.

Here's the Whrrl story I did. It pales in comparison to the 200+ photos I think Mister took, but since I can't rely on him to get those photos off in a timely manner I had to take a few with my phone (which takes fine photos so whatev.)


More stories at Brookside Gardens
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Bottom line, it only cost our family of 4 $20 to see the exhibit and then we walked around the rest of the Brookside Gardens grounds which are amazing, fragrant, expansive, and has it's own fair share of butterflies floating about and NOT in front of my face.



Reader Comments (1)

Having hundreds of butterflies coming at you could be creepy. I love going to butterfly exhibits, however, and am fascinated by watching them eat rotting fruit. I now have a use for those bananas that always seem to get too ripe in our house.

I haven't been to Brookside Gardens yet but after your recommendation I'm looking forward to it. Thank you so much for sharing.

August 11, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterEvelyn Saenz

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