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Next time I'll bring a book

After being gone all weekend to BlogHer (aka: girls-weekend-gone-wild-and-sponsored-with-lots-of-swag) I wanted to spend some quality time with the Twofer.

I packed up a yummy lunch and we headed to one of our favorite shady parks (Cabin John Regional Park) that also has a train which is still VERY exciting to a 6-year old.

What is NOT so exciting to a 6-year old, is having your mother with you at the park. Who knew?

Here I am thinking I would be covered in hugs and kisses for the picnic lunch, the park, and the train tickets....WRONG.

I was spefically asked to not look at them.

I was told to sit "over there".

I was interrogated in between play areas as to whether I was 'listening in' on their conversations.

Um - I'm your mother. I don't "listen in". I play with my cell phone (Twitter) and ignor you...OK??

Jeez - you'd think they know me by now.

(Truth is, I do try to listen and just to be on the safe side I'm working on taking notes too because the things they are learning from other kids is, well, scary...and anatomically incorrect too I might add.)

I WAS allowed to sit behind them on the train and they did give me a quick Twofer hug and smile so I could snap this:

Look how happy they are to be on the train with....each other.

Next time I'll bring a book.


Reader Comments (1)

They probably had the taste of freedom and are conspiring to send you off to another conference soon. I say, let them conspire and bring on the next party!

July 31, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSugar Jones

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