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This Year We're Filling our Advent Calendar with Love

Advent Calendars - fun or stress?

My sister-in-law gave us a beautiful Advent Calendar box years ago that has brought lots of smiles...and some dread. Each Thanksgiving I realize that December 1st is right around the corner and I have to find time that weekend to run out and find stuff to put into each little box.

In the past I've done candy, stickers, temporary tatoos, play jewelry, erasers, and even notes to be redeemed for larger items that don't fit in the boxes like snowman cups, pencils, popcorn balls, and more.



We don't need any more stuff...

This year in an effort to cut back on expenses AND cut back on the stuff, I decided to fill our Advent box with little notes. Some say nice things to the girls. Other notes suggest activities we can do that night like read a holiday story together, watch one of the recorded holiday shows, or even bake an apple pie.

But we can always use love

To my surprise the Twofer have really enjoyed the notes so far. Sure, they love it when the notes promise something a trip to the ice skating rink, or that apple pie. But I have seen big smiles when they open the notes in the morning that say, "We are so happy and lucky to have you as our daughters". They have even written a few notes for each other.

So, this holiday season don't be afraid to give something other than stuff. Give your time, a new experience, and a heaping pile of love. You may be surprised that no one misses the stuff.


Reader Comments (3)

What a great idea! I've always wanted an advent box like this one. I really like the personalized notes over candy and "stuff"

December 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRhiana

Oh, no, not things. Fill it up with little pieces of paper of things that you do in December or want to do in December. Traditions, new things, etc. Ours say:

Read 2 Christmas books
Call Grandma and Poppy
Make a Christmas craft
Bring a treat to the neighbors
Sing holiday songs and learn a new one
Shop for Toys for Tots and drop off gifts

Make it easy on yourself! If you type it up, you can just use it again next year, maybe add something new or edit whatever the kids didn't love this year.

December 7, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterGIna

Yes, Rhiana - I love the Advent calendar boxes.
Great ideas Gina - especially shopping for Toys for Tots, definitely the spirit of the holiday in giving!

December 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterJanine Nickel

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