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A lesson I want to pass onto my children & a reminder to us adults

I have a secret.

I have a few newspaper articles from my hometown paper that I've been keeping since before my children were even conceived.

These articles document the lives, deaths, and prison sentencing of a few kids that I knew growing up. Some died because of drunk drivers. Some were sent to prison because they killed a friend while driving 'buzzed'.  These areticles serve as my own little arsenal of shock that I will pull out when the time is right.

Take the pledge

In 2008, nearly 12,000 people in the U.S. were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes - and during the periods around Christmas and New Year's, this number was particularly high, with 316 people killed in alchol-impaired driving crashes. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) and the Ad Council are asking everyone to drive smart this holiday season and to pledge not to drive buzzed.

Help spread this message during the holiday season by posting about the dangers of buzzed driving, sharing a story or experience you might have had with buzzed driving and encouraging readers to follow Buzzed Driving on Twitter (@buzzeddriving) and Facebook ( to get the latest updates and news.  You can also visit the Buzzed Driving website ( where readers can sign a pledge to not drive buzzed, play an interactive game which demonstrates the difference between buzzed and drunk, and hear personal stories from people who have driven buzzed.

Catch the holiday Buzz, but don't drive

This holiday season enjoy the parties, have fun, and then call a cab. It's that easy. If you go with someone who agrees to be a designated driver, make sure they know that means NO drinking. Because Buzzed Driving is drunk driving with the same consequences. I hope to be an example to my kids. Because while they may not drive yet, they are watching what I do.

Do you have something stashed away to use in a future 'lesson' with your children?


This post does count as an entry to win a $50 gift card from Global Influence, however the topic is very important to me and this post was not reviewed prior to publishing.

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