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First Grade is like Kindergarten x 10

Last night I had to teach the Twofer how to add 17 + 5. 

I taught them the "carry the one" method that I learned in school.

They had never seen that before. I am not even sure we were doing the right section on the homework page.

I called another mom and she said her son told her he was definitely NOT supposed to do that page.

It was, in a word, unsettling.

Is homework supposed to be this confusing, challenging, and well, FIRST Grade?

Last year in Kindergarten they had homework but it was nothing like this.

It took maybe 15 minutes and was more like practice. I thought first grade would be like kindergarten x2. A little harder, a little more work, a little more serious.

But it's not. It's like kindergarten x 10! Speaking of 10s, I need to help them with carrying that extra 10 and adding it to the first one. 17 + 5 = 7+5 (12) which is 1 ten and 2 ones, plus another 10. 22


Or is it simply 17 plus 5 more fingers...22?


Can't wait for middle school,


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