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On Selling...and why sometimes it's just easier to make a donation

The Sign on My Front Door image via lydiafiary

Cookies, popcorn, wrapping paper...any PTA, or Scouting parent knows what I'm talking about.

It's called selling people and some of us are not good at it.

Confession time

Here goes....

I threw out the Sally Foster catalog. Not one, but two (lucky twin mom that I am).

(I know, I just cringed too). My apologies to the other moms, PTA folk, and neighbors who might actually read this blog. I had such great intentions. When the catalog came home I showed the girls the incentives they had for selling the most. They were excited. I was excited. We all had images of iPods dancing around our heads.

And then, what can I say? Life took over. That and the idea of walking door-to-door or even cold calling my mom, aunt, and other family members left me with a terrible taste in my mouth.

Plus, we live in a neighborhood filled with kids who go to the same school. Walking door-to-door is pointless...and, well, awkward. It's happened before with Girl Scouts. We've had several Brownies knock on our door selling cookies and I have to tell them flat out I have 2 Daisys who are trying to meet the quota for the cookie patch. Yes, I'm that direct. It's a tough world people. Better they figure that our now.

Ahaaa! Make a donation!

Today as I was heading into the grocery store there was a cute little group of Cub Scouts selling popcorn and trail mix. Easy enough. Those Boy Scouts don't intimidate me. I can easily say no to those little blue uniforms especially since I only grabbed a $20 and I needed to buy just a few chips and things for our Football Sunday.

But then I saw her. A neighbor, whom I really like, was standing there in the cold supporting her son as he tried to sell trail mix and popcorn in his little blue uniform. How could I blow them off?

Just when I was about to fork over $20 for a bag of nuts, raisins, and M & Ms, a little old lady came by and said, "I don't need the popcorn but I'll make a donation!"

Wait a minute!

You can do that????


I may still toss the fundraising catalogs, but at least my 'no thanks' comes with a small consolation prize.

And take note.  Next spring when you see me outside the grocery store with my own Daisy Girl Scouts, "No thank you" IS an option. But "Can I make a donation?" is even better.

Just sayin,


Reader Comments (3)

When you were in school, yes you were in school at one time, Did you ever sell stuff for fund raisers?
Well my 2 kids are in sports, band and marching band Their marching band only goes on a trip every 4 years.
So this is the only opportunity my kids have on going.
This trip is going to be almost 1800 miles from home and they're told they need to raise $1300.00 a piece
plus parents have to pay their own ways which I can understand.
Well with over 100 students and their families selling items our area is oversold and being a lower income area no one is buying.
We have no family within 1200 miles to sell to so selling is almost not a option for my kids.
I'm the type of parent that hasn't really let her kids get within their schools distance away.
I love my kids so willing to let them go without me.
Why do schools do this to kids?
My daughter is depressed because she knows there is no way to raise 2600 for her brother and her.
We have so many schools in our area doing fund raisers and selling all types of items and doing the bake sakes, car washes, yard sales nobody is giving or buying anymore then you have the person in charge telling the students that there is no excuse for why they don't go on the trip. for 1 income familys like ours thats almost 3 months wages.
Wake up Schools parents are tired of giving and giving

October 21, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterTammy Kennedy

I like the fundraisers held at restaurants where many families eat out regularly. That way I get my easy dinner night which I would buy anyway once a week, but the school or organization still gets the donation. You feel the pinch less and you don't compete with other kids or families.

Glad I'm not the only one!

October 21, 2009 | Registered CommenterJanine Nickel

Yes, yes and yes! It's so hard to go door to door when you know full well that kids from the same school have already been by. I know it's hard for the schools to raise money, I truly do--but it's also hard to go to your neighbors looking like a little urchin that's down on his/her luck. I don't like that the kids have to do it.

We try to do as much as we can, but it's impossible to participate in all of the fundraisers. I love your idea of just giving some money for a donation--I wish more schools would try that option.

Nice blog!

October 26, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterElle

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