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Mending a Broken Heart and Foot by Sharing Disney Magic

So, this sucks...

The Broken Foot


It didn't start out sucking so bad. It was actually tolerable because she started out like this:

 Look - she's even smiling!

After breaking her foot over spring break, Em was in a boot for 4 weeks. Not great but at least it was removable and she could put some weight on it at the end of the month.

My Broken Heart

Unfortunately, the foot did not completely heal. So instead of taking a chance, the doctor put her in a cast for another 3 weeks.

A hard, itchy, non-removable, don't-get-it-wet, non-walkable cast for three weeks. JUST as we are preparing to surprise them with the Disney trip to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

I nearly broke down in tears right there.

THANK GOD we had not told them. They have been on a DSMM conference trip before. They would know far too well what they are missing. But it just didn't seem fair to drag her along when she could not fully enjoy it. And, even if you have a wheel chair at the parks, all the getting around at the airport, the hotel, and everything else would exhaust her. And me. I thought about going solo but remembered my husband was NOT going so he could get work done. Leaving the girls with him was not fair to him.

I had the tough job of relaying our bad luck to the folks at Disney who had already shipped us a little @DisneySMMoms surprise:


Yes, a gorgeous, raspberry colored 4-wheel spinner suitcase from AmericanTourister! @AmTourister on twitter if you want to follow them and definitely track the #PackMoreFun hashtag to see all the colorful bags they have.

The important folks at Disney insisted I keep the bag and because they are so generous, I decided the best thing to do is to pay it forward. It will take my mind off missing the trip, it will keep my daughter (who is bored out of her mind NOT doing any after school activities) busy helping me gather and brainstorm ways we can...

share a little Disney Magic with others less fortunate

While The Twofer are not aware they are missing out on the trip, they are Well Aware of the blessings they have received from previous DSMM trips and they actually love it when we shop for toys and things to donate. We do it a few times a year including around the holidays and back-to-school.

So, my mission this week is to fill my new American Tourister bag with goodies to donate and include a little Disney in each delivery. First up... food for Manna.


We have always collected and donated food for Manna, but The Twofer's Girl Scout troop actually had a chance to see the warehouse for the first time this year and even spent 2 hours sorting. What surprised me most was the baby food. It never crossed my mind to donate baby food but then I remembered how expensive it was. This trip I stocked up on baby food, Girl Scout cookies, and some Disney fruit snacks!

Your challenge:

Think about how you might spread a little Disney Magic this week. Think of one thing you might be able to do by Friday and share it here! I have some ideas but I can always use more.



Another Clue... Disney Rocks the Pre-Conference Chatter

The folks in charge of conference planning and social media over at Walt Disney World have done it again. Not only are they planning another spectacular conference, they are releasing clues about it via Twitter.

And Twitter is all a buzz.

I'm especially excited to be going again this year to the Disney Social Media Moms conference, but even if I wasn't, I would still be enjoying the clues and figuring out what is in store.

Take a look at the latest reveal:

image via Disney

Here's the accompanying tweet:

We've gone Hollywood today - only 14 more days 'til . Need directions? A map? Get 'em here!

Can you guess what fun things they have planned?


Fun Before the Fun Has Started

I have to say, as much fun as it is to try and guess, it's just as much fun knowing there are a bunch of surprises in store for us when we get there! And this is exactly how Disney excels. It's one thing to consistently plan a conference that is filled with amazing experiences. And yet the Disney team keeps reaching. This game of revealing clues keeps us guessing and talking about the conference in an entirely new way. It's about having fun way before the real fun has even started!

Learn From the Masters

I'm excited about the lineup of speakers Disney has planned for us during the conference. I'm also thrilled to have the opportunity to learn about customer service, word-of-mouth marketing, and how to incorporate FUN into a project from the folks at Disney. Every time I'm invited to a Disney event I make mental notes of things I want to use in my own line of work. Things that will motivate people to share ideas. Things that will keep people excited. Things that keep the focus on the positive.

As much as I plan to enjoy this experience, I also plan to learn.

I'll be at the Disney Social Media Moms conference May 9-12 and yes, I believe we can all expect a fabulous Mother's Day! We have NOT told the Twofer. I'm not sure how I'll pull another Disney Surprise on them or when we'll do the big reveal but you can bet I'm getting ideas from the masters of surprise at Disney!



We haven't had popcorn for almost a whole year

Can you imagine NOT eating popcorn for almost an entire year???


We love popcorn in this house.

We love it when it's cold out and when it's warm out.

We love it plane, with butter, or with some other funky seasoning.

But we had to say farewell to popcorn last year.

Orthodontists don't like popcorn and the expanders that were costing us a small fortune are not forgiving when it comes to popcorn.

So as a family, we decided that we should let these very expensive expanders do their job well, the first time, and we ditched popcorn.

Until NOW!

Expanders have been removed and popcorn is back on our snack list!

I told the girls we could eat it every single day until the next orthodontist appointment in August.

Have you ever given up a certain food for a whole year?



Silly Onsie Set Just for Twins

I was shopping for my sister-in-law's baby (not born yet, still cooking) and saw these hanging on a rack.

I so wish they had these when my twins were born.

I love that they are unisex.

And who doesn't love the Twin Discount?




Wii U Kids vs Parents

In this tecnology-driven world it is not unusual for kids to know more than their parents.

For example, my kids knew how to set the TV, Direct TV, and cables to get the Wii to working in the basement before I did. In addition, they knew how to use many of the features on my iPhone before I did.

So when we received a Wii U from Nintendo, I was both excited and a little worried because the Wii U has many more opportunities for players to interact with people outside of their home. What I learned after hosting a Wii U party is that Nintendo KNOWS how kids think and how parents worry, and they have plenty of controls that can be put in place.

But first, we played

A parent in the hot seat during Mario Chase

One of the best ways to play Wii U is parents vs kids and the new Wii U tablet controler allows game designers to create games where the players using the Wii remotes are actually playing against the person with the tablet!  One of these games was Mario Race. In this game, an adult was Mario and using the tablet. As Mario the goal is to avoid being caught by the other players (in this case the kids).

I am NOT a huge gamer but this game had me sweating, squeeling, and bouncing in my seat.

I WON! They could not catch me!

And then we sang and danced!

Sing Party offer lots of opportunity to dance too!

The Wii U Sing Party game was of course a group favorite. Part karaoke, part dance lessons, this game brought kids and parents togethe to sing (using microphones the song lyrics on the tablet), and follow the dance moves shown on the TV.

At last, we set down the Parental rules

With the Wii U you can use the internet connection to chat with friends, play against someone in another country, and shop the Nintendo store among other things. All great features, but a parent's nightmare. And so the party leaders (trained in Wii U) showed us how to set Wii U parental controls so that kids can only connect when we want them to.

 In all we learned why we love the Wii U.

Tons a new ways to play together and against each other. Lots of additional features that even parents can figure out. Easy parental controls.

Have you tried the Wii U yet?



Disclosure: as a Nintendo ambassador I received a Wii U and three games at no charge for the purposes of having a party to showcase the system. All opinons are my own and this post was not reviewed nor approved by anyone.